Blow Your Dreams


Rising pop star Jasmine V. went behind the lens for Cosmo for Latinas, and M·A·C had exclusive access to the shoot. See more photos here. Makeup by Shannon Pezzetta.

Zayn Malik Personality’s

In my account one people asked me what i think about zayn personality’s.
So I’ll go talk here on tumblr the answer.
First, this is my opinion not yours so if u don’t like this, sorry not sorry. Second, sorry if i’m rude, but some people need this! Okay, lets go talk. The ask was: Rita, what you think about zayn personality’s:
My answer: Well, its really hard to say because i dont know how is Zayn like “person”, like, the day-in-day of him, i just know him like “superstar”, my crush and whatever. But for the way how Zayn is in public i just can think thats things…
…Zayn is shy, and is mysterious at the same time.
He’s a box of surprises, u dont know how he’ll react with u. It seems kind of guy who changes the mood all the time and u never really know what the real humor of it.
He seems to be quiet, like “keep things to himself is the best thing to do”.
And its what i really think about Zayn. If i’ll really talk about him personality i cant because this chat was be so long! So, thats my opinion and thanks for read!
xx Rita.